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HydroTween is now OpenTween and on Github!


I've decided to take a step back in the hopes of taking two steps forward. HydroTween is now deprecated for the most part as I've stripped it down and done some rebuilding in the form of OpenTween. The hope is by having the project on gitgub, the project will attract some extra help and involvement. Some other reasons for rebuilding are the modularity of the properties and the goal of having easy to add/configurable properties and property groups. Performance inprovements are another important reason. Also the fact that the code is using an MIT license means that it can be added to whatever project you want as long as the license boiler plate is intact. It's even set up so you can create your own "private label" tweening engine for your development projects. I.E. I have MyOwnTween which extends OpenTween and allows you to reorder your params, settings, etc.

I have yet to implement the image process tweening properties or give this a thorough testing so it's still in the infant stages, but I'm excited about where this is going and giving the project a fresh restart. Check out Git if you haven't already and give me a shout if you want to get involved!

OpenTween on Github